Business Setup in India

Business Setup in India

Functions & Features of Wholly Owned Subsidiary in India.

RJA 01 Aug, 2022

Wholly Owned Subsidiary in India. foreign companies may establish fully owned subsidiaries in areas that allow 100% foreign direct investment Under India's national FDI policy,  For incorporation & registration, a set of applications have to be filed with Registrar of Companies (ROC). Once a company has been duly registered ...

Business Setup in India

Top Reasons for a Foreigner to Start a Business in India

RJA 14 Dec, 2021

Top Reasons for a Foreigner to Start a Business in India India is now regarded as one of the most powerful economic forces in the world. Despite being a developing nation, India's economy has a significant impact on global trade. The majority of the world's main developed countries ...

Business Setup in India

Pre Post Funding Compliance for Start UPs

RJA 04 Aug, 2021

PRE AND POST FUNDING COMPLIANCE FOR STARTUPS ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA Though there's no comprehensive definition for start-ups that have been provided under Indian laws, the govt of India (GoI) under its start-up schemes define start-ups as: ·       &...

Business Setup in India


RJA 24 Jul, 2021

PRE AND POST FUNDING COMPLIANCE FOR START-UP  Compliance basically refers to abiding by the foundations. within the world of business, compliance is integral to survival. Failing this, businesses are susceptible to various fines and penalties under the assorted regulations and laws. With ...

Business Setup in India


RJA 24 Jul, 2021

COMPLETE UNDERSTANDING OF START-UP FUNDING BRIEF INTRODUCTION The startup company you founded is that the brainchild of your ideas and you have got successfully completed your private limited company registration, Finance is that the lifeblood of any business and understanding Fundraising options ...

Business Setup in India


RJA 30 May, 2021

BRIEF INTRODUCTION Freelancers seek a flexible lifestyle, where people are not bound to 9 to 5 jobs. Freelancers can pursue their other interests, having more family time and thus, is simply a way to avoid a tedious routine. As per the income tax laws, freelancers are also liable to pay taxes on ...

Business Setup in India

Planning for start a Private Limited company ?

RJA 28 Mar, 2021

Business setting-up in India It is much easier to set up a business in India nowadays. Starting a business in India now takes less time than it did years ago. A company can be registered in any part of India in just over 5 weeks. The time spent on company registration ...

Business Setup in India

Steps for Closure of Liaison Office

RJA 06 Nov, 2020

Basic Steps for Closure of Liaison Office Liaison Offices (LOs) are a popular approach for foreign investors to explore the Indian market for the first time, and they are not sure how the country's liberalising FDI caps will affect their business. Unlike other business frameworks, Liaison Offices allow foreign ...

Business Setup in India

Comparative feature of different type of business entity in India

RJA 31 Oct, 2020

Comparative features of different type of business entity in India can be formed In India, we have three major types of business frameworks, respectively sole proprietorship, partnership, and company (Pvt or public), but several years ago a new hybrid form of partnership and company are known as Limited Liability (LLP) ...

Business Setup in India

Private Limited Company Compliance Due Dates in a Year

RJA 30 Oct, 2020

Private Limited Company Compliance Due Dates in FY 2020-21   The compliance requirement for the private limited company has drastically changed over the years 2020 and 2021. Every company registered in India, including private limited, limited company, one-person company, and section 8 company must file annual returns with ROC every year. It ...

Business Setup in India

Auditor Appointment for Newly incorporated Private Limited Company

RJA 30 Sep, 2020

Auditor Appointment for Newly incorporated Private Limited Company  It is to be noted that, as per section 139(6) of The Companies Act, 2013 you are required to appoint First Auditor within 30 days of incorporation of the company, the same shall be appointed at the First Board Meeting. Rule 24(8) ...

Business Setup in India

Government fees for company registration

RJA 01 Aug, 2018

If you are registering a startup or a new business in India then first and foremost, there are some official procedures of startup or a company has to follow in order to register them in Indian official records, MCA (ministry of Corporate Affairs) will charge registration fees given as ...

Business Setup in India

Everything That You Need To Know About Limited Liability Partnership

RJA 20 Mar, 2017

It is a tactful process and it includes a step by step process. LLP is an emerging small business entity practised in India under a certain act known as LLP Act, 2008. The relaxation of the FDI rules which concern LLP has drastically increased the interest amongst certain NRIs and Foreign ...

Business Setup in India

How To Name Your Indian Business

RJA 18 Mar, 2017

Shakespeare said, "what's there is a name"? Well, it means a lot in the industry. The name of your firm is the first and new start to determine when you start a business and it has to be wisely selected because it will be your company's ...

Business Setup in India

Advantages of a Private Limited Company

RJA 15 Mar, 2017

Beginning a company is an exciting and gratifying process and these days, virtually everybody wants to operate a business. The selection of a corporate company is one of the essential choices before going into a business venture. This can be a proprietorship, corporation, joint corporation or private business. A good ...

Business Setup in India

What Are The Duties Of Partners in Limited Liability Partnership?

RJA 02 Feb, 2017

Limited Liability Partnership or in short LLP is a kind of partnership in which, as the name says, has limited partnership rights and liabilities. General Duties of the partners in LLP: The foremost thing in any of these kinds of partnerships is the trust factor among every partner. No one ...

Business Setup in India

Company Registration Requirements

RJA 24 Oct, 2016

Registering a business in India has been a complex procedure that has taken quite a long time over the past years. The INC-29 Form and Digital Signature program launched today has made Company Registration a simple operation, thanks to the efforts of the Ministry of Commerce. The process has become ...

Business Setup in India

Compulsory conditions to register a company in India

RJA 22 Oct, 2016

Mandatory requirements to Register a Company in India In India, company registration has a process to follow. Anyone who wants to register a company needs to understand the various terms used during the process. With the growth of the business world in India, many new companies need guidance on company ...

Business Setup in India

Analysis of New Company Approval Process

RJA 22 Oct, 2016

Analysis of the New Company Approval Process Becoming an entrepreneur needs to follow multiple methods. The statutory and legal requirements for starting a new company are not sufficient for mere knowledge on the subject matter and expertise in the same. When one wants to start a new Business, various aspects ...

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