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Employees' Provident Fund & Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952 is social security legislation for the future benefit of employees & their dependents; in case of unfortunate incidents occurring in the future. Every establishment which is a factory engaged in any industry in which 20 or more person is employed.

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EPF Registration has to be done within One month from the date of reaching 20 employees. Any delay in EPF Registration may result in a penalty.Those establishments which do not have the prescribed number of employees but willing to register themselves to provide the benefits of Provident Fund to their employees can register voluntarily with the Regional Provident Fund Office. i.e. covered voluntarily registration.

This will also help to all newly started sole proprietorship firms as a proof of registration their business while open a Bank Account of firm.

Documents Required for EPF Registration

  • Statement showing Employee Strength from Date of Starting the Business with Date of Joining(Employee strength month wise since the date of incorporation)
  • Premises Proof of the company (Preferably electricity Bill and Rent agreement both)
  • List of employee (name, fathers name, date of birth, date of joining, salary)
  • Affidavit of director for applicability date
  • Power of attorney in the name of advocate
  • Copy of two work orders
  • 1st Sales Bill / Service Bill, Any proof of Trial Product / Work order
  • Lease Deed / Rental Agreement
  • Copy of Board Resolution
  • Copy of P&L and Balance Sheet last 3 years.
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Partnership Deed / MOA and AOA
  • Performa of Coverage
  • Copy of Telephone Bills / EB Bills
  • Demand Draft for contribution collected
  • Sales Tax / Service Tax / Shops & Establishment Act Registration certificates (if any)
  • Pan Card of Company
  • Bank Statement of Company
  • Cancelled Cheque of the company
  • List of Directors
  • Form 5A
  • Address Proof and ID Proof of Directors
  • Registered in Contracts Act - Copy of Registration Certificate
  • Form 13 performance of coverage.

All employers having 20 or more employees are required to be registered with Employees Provident Fund. Rajput Jain & Associates can help file EPF Registration for your business. Our EPF experts can also help you compute EPF payments and maintain EPF regulation compliance for your business.

Use Reminded to know more about your due dates for EPF return filing due date and EPF payment due date.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)

  • What are the various schemes under the Employees' Provident Fund & Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952?

    The Act provides for three different schemes:

    • Employees' Provident Fund Scheme - a savings scheme where the employee gets theentire accumulated balances at the time of his retirement (or earlier - for some specific events).
    • Employees' Pension Fund Scheme - is a monthly pension payable to employees on theirSuperannuation or death or permanent disability
    • Employees' Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme - Provides assurance benefit upon death of employee while in service.
  • Who must file Employees Provident Fund Registration?

    All those entities that employ more than 20 persons are required to obtain EPF registration. Entities having EPF registration must exile EPF returns.Any person who is employed for wages in any kind of work of an establishment or employed through contractor in or in connection with the work of an establishment and whose wages do not exceed Rs. 6,500 per month. However, an employee covered under the Act will continue to be covered under the Act even if his wages exceed Rs. 6,500 per month but will continue to get benefits as if his wages were Rs. 6,500 per month. The Act is applicable to:

    • Every factory engaged in any industry specified in Schedule I to the Act and employing 20 or more persons;
    • Every other establishment employing 20 or more persons specified by the Central Government in this behalf.
    • Any establishment to which the Act applies shall continue to be governed by the Act even if the number of persons employed therein at any time falls below 20.
  • What are the Benefit of obtain Employees Provident Fund Registration?

    Employees Provident Fund: - Employee provident fund is a measure of saving for the employees, which can be used as a supporting income on retirement, or as a measure of immediate relief in case of any unfortunate situation. This can also be a savior for employees in case of a house purchase, Marriage of their children or any other requirements as mentioned in the EPF MA 1952, where partial withdrawal is allowed.

    On the other hand it offers an economic & medical assurance to workers and its dependents. Besides providing medical benefits to workers and its dependents it also insure worker from temporary or permanent disablement and sickness.

  • What is the compliance after taking Employees Provident Fund?

    Employees Provident Fund:- After Registration you need to undertake compliance of:-

    • Deduction and payment of Employees Provident Fundcontribution along with employers contributions
    • Filing of Return
    • Addition, Transfer & deletion of Employees Provident Fund A/c on movement of employees due to recruitment, resignation & retirement.
  • How are the contributions made? And by whom?

    For Employees' who’s basic is less than or equal to Rs. 6,500 per month:

    • 8.33% of the employee's basic to the Employees' Pension Fund Scheme
    • 3.67% of the employee's basic to Employees' Provident Fund Scheme
    • 0.5% of the employee's basic to EDLI

    For Employees' who’s basic is more than Rs. 6,500 per month:

    • 12% of the employees' basic to the Employees' Provident Fund Scheme less Rs. 541per month
    • Rs. 541 to Employees' Pension Fund Scheme (being 8.33% of employee's basic subject to a maximum of Rs. 6,500)
    • 0.5% of the employee's basic (subject to a maximum of Rs. 6,500 p.m.) to EDLI
  • On what pay/allowances theEmployees Provident Fund Contributions is to be deducted?

    The Employees Provident FundContribution is to be deducted -

    • On basic wages
    • Dearness allowance and the retaining allowance if any.
  • Why is it necessary to file Provident Fund returns?

    Employees Provident Fund returns allow the EPFO credit the Provident Fund dues to respective employee accounts and also ensure that all dues are paid regularly.

  • When is Employees Provident Fund Return due?

    Employees Provident Fund returns are due half-yearly. Use Reminder to know the next Employees Provident Fund return due date and Employees Provident Fund payment due date for your business.

    • 15th of Every Month Provident Fundpayment (excluding the 5 Grace days allowed) for the preceding month.
    • 25th of Every Month Provident Fund monthly return for the preceding month.
    • 30th April Provident Fund Annual Return for the year ending 31 March.
  • How to make Employees Provident Fund payment?

    Employees Provident Fund payments can be made online through net banking facilities

  • Is permissible to exempt any establishment from the operation of the Act because of their financial position?

    The Act permits the Central Government, subject to specified conditions, to exempt any class of establishments from the operation of the Act, if having regard to their financial position or other circumstances of the case; it is necessary or expedient to do so.

  • If any establishment has departments or branches, are these departments or branches, to be treated as separate establishments or parts of the same establishments?

    Where an establishment consists of different departments or has branches, whether situate in the same place or in different places, all such departments or branches shall be treated as parts of the same establishment.

  • What happens to a private provident fund of an establishment when that establishment is covered under the statutory Provident Fund Scheme?

    On the application of the statutory Provident Fund Scheme to an establishment, the accumulations in the private provident fund in that establishment standing to the credit of the employees who become members of the statutory Provident Fund must be transferred to the statutory Provident Fund. The accumulations will be credited to the accounts of the employees entitled thereto in the statutory Provident Fund.

  • What is a Employees Provident Fund number? How is it allotted?

    The RPFC (Regional Provident Fund Commissioner) allots the PF number to an organization that enrolls with it. For Delhi based companies this number could be DL/92803. In addition to this, the employer allots a separate number to each individual employee. The employee's PF Account number would then be DL/92803/123 (Example).

  • What happens in case of death of an employee?

    In case the employee has filed a nomination form, settlement is made according to the last filed nomination form on record.

    In case no nomination has been filed, the accumulated balance is divided equally among thefollowing family members in equal shares

    • Sons who have not attained majority.
    • Sons of a deceased son who have not attained majority. 3. Married daughters, whose husbands are not alive.
    • Married daughters of a deceased son, whose husbands are not alive.
  • Is multi location or branches needed to take separate Employees Provident Fund Registrations?

    In such a condition no new registration needs to be taken, you can simply add the branch or other locations and cover employees of that branch. However if business entity is different like subsidiary etc, then separate registration need to be taken.

  • What are the offences under the Scheme and what is the punishment for them?

    If any person-

    • Deducts from the wages of a member the whole or any part of the employer's contribution;
    • Fails to submit any return, statement or other document required by the Scheme or submits a false return, statement or other document or makes a false declaration;
    • Obstructs any inspector appointed under the Act or the Scheme in the discharge of his duties or fails to produce any record for his inspection;
    • Is guilty of contravention of or non-compliance with any other requirement of the Scheme; he would be punished with imprisonment up to 1 year, or fineup toRs. 4000.00 or with both.
  • Is failure to submit return continuing offence?

    The offence of failure to pay contributions amounts to continuing offence. In all other cases the offence is one committed once and for all. Failure to submit return is not continuing offence.

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