COMPANY LAW Corporate Law and Legal Compliance

Corporate Law and Legal Compliance

Corporate Law and Legal Compliance

Corporate Law Compliance

1.XBRL Data Conversion Services

XBRL is an open digital business standard for digital business reporting managed by a global consortium. It defines the reporting terms in an authoritative way. It is used for determining accuracy in reports by avoiding the errors acknowledged at the source. For sharing, reporting, and publish information the majority of organizations rely on XBRL. The tagged transactional if aggregated to XBRL reports leads to better understanding and analysis of the supporting data and is the major tool for reporting supply chains.

It is used by the government, Regulators, Companies, Accountants, and Investors for business reporting, filing of loan reports and applications, credit risk assessment, and for maintain a record of financial and statistical data to be used as future reference. It is supported by a wide network for undertaking any task sailing effortlessly on standards. By modifying the content help prepare the report in a perfect structure. It supports a computer-readable tag for reorganizing data leading to the transmission of massive data of facts and figures through reliable databases and websites.

CA Rajput assists organizations submission of financial documents to the authorities in XBRL format in compliance with the International Financial Reporting Standards. We by validating the tags and appropriate calculations, converting the XBRL information into a readable format, e-filing of XBRL Data with the respective authorities, and mapping the financial statements in our XBRL Data Conversion Services help maximize your profits and make your organization stand in stiff competition with your competitors. You can contact us for the XBRL data conversion outsourcing.

2.Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

Limited liability Partnerships are more often opted by entrepreneurs in which the professional expertise and entrepreneurial initiative gets combined and operates effectively ensuring benefits to both the company involved. It guarantees the members of the company to frame a flexible internal structure as a partnership. Limited Liability Partnership is easy to form under LLP Act 2008 and the members are not liable for each other’s misconduct in contrast with the partnerships where everyone is held liable for the misconduct. It is debarred from raising money from the public, unlike other companies and organizations. According to the guidelines set by the government, the partners of LLP are exempted from tax, it is only levied on LLPs.

The terms of dissolution have to be mutually agreed upon by every member of the Limited Liability Partnership and it follows an uninterrupted existence followed by perpetual succession. The LLP can exercise its claim over the property in which there is no share of partners involved. Registering for LLP requires the filing of an online form, Applying for Digital Signature and DIN of partners, Verification of the main documents, Drafting, and filing of the LLP Agreement.

All these procedures require an expert like CA Rajput by your side for an error-free filing of the documentation and other processes. Scanned copy of PAN card, Aadhaar card or Voter ID, latest electricity bill or bank statement, passport size photograph are the documents required to be submitted by the partners and scanned copies of NOC and Notarized Agreement and bank statement are required to be submitted to the registrar office. For a successful LLP venture, Our professionals share expertise in providing seamless LLP registration services.

3.Restructuring Services 

Restructuring accounts for the action undertaken by the organization for re-establishing the financial and operational parameters of the company when the business encounters financial complications. It is a technique of improving business processes and limited financial loss. Restructuring pops up as a recovery option for the companies encountering failure in achieving an aspired target with the launch of its new product and hence in generating the desired revenue.

Restructuring services are important for maintaining the company’s financial base and for safeguarding the company from bankruptcy is treated as a failproof solution. During the company restructuring the services, operations and departments get rotated for making business concrete in financial and operational terms. The employers might take longer to adapt to the new environment but the company gets pumped up with the potential to achieve its objectives through great efficiency in production. Although planning a new strategy for the product, training new employees, and purchasing the property puts a hefty burden on the pockets and it takes time for the fresh business to expand its horizon and gather reputation and fame.

With the assistance of an expert group like CA Rajput beside your side, you can accomplish your restructuring goals by leveraging collective knowledge in the field and protecting the interest of the shareholders make the end meet in your favor. Our focused team includes industry professionals and covers a huge range of clients pertaining to different industries like Manufacturing, IT, Pharma, and Finance which help us learn and grow in India.

4.Company Secretarial Services

A Company Secretary is a person which holds a senior position in private or public sector organizations who is responsible for the systematized administration of the company establishing a perfect balance between a company’s statutory and regulatory requirements. The organization should comply with the laws and regulations and the report gets shared with the board members by the company secretary as a measure of acquainting the boards with the legal responsibilities of the members. Apart from that, communicating with the shareholders in order to be ensured of timely payment of the dividend accounts to one of their major concerns. With the introduction of new company laws, multinational companies are finding it a bit of a challenging task to align their obligations with the jurisdiction.

CA Rajput from standardizing business operations and reporting to the company entities to the maintenance of recurring filings we help you establish a better coordination nexus and through our concrete reporting structure help your company stand firm in the corporate atmosphere. Our company Secretarial Services covers major services like company registration, company retainership, Legal compliance audit, company secretarial audit, and providing Digital Signature Certificate. The annual compliance which makes the base for company secretarial major operations are maintenance of statutory registers, filing of annual return, and corporate governance for making effective decisions regarding the company’s major objectives and their implementation at the right hour and level is ensured by the company secretary. For the well-structured framework of organization major departments, We are the perfect halt for the companies to achieve their business objective.

5.Intellectual Property Right

Intellectual property rights are the rights that are given to the persons over the creations of which they are the sole creator. The rights of authors, musical compositors, artists are protected by copyright for a minimum period of 50 years posthumously. The main purpose of this right is to reward talent and encourage creativity and innovation. Intellectual property signifies various intangible assets which are original and highly commendable creations of the mind. By perfectly balancing the interests of the innovators and the public’s interest the Intellectual property aims at the creation and promotion of a creative environment for the inventions and discoveries to flourish. This can include all types of literary works, discoveries, innovations in the form of figures, images, designs, symbols, or expressions for economic use by the creators. 

This may include patent registration, Design copyright, and Trademark Registration services. Intellectual property rights lead to enforcement of the rights that restrict others from using the creations and in this way have a substantial impact on the industry under intellectual property right guidelines. The owner can restrict the manufacturing of the copyright product CA Rajput value the creations and share expertise in rendering your creation a masterpiece by helping you in getting issued the copyrights. We help you through our considerable experience in documentation and enforcement required to complete the procedure ensuring long-term protection for your creation by developing effective strategies for patent and trademark registration. Our aim is to provide useful guidance to our clients through our exclusive services which are reliable and cost-friendly.

6.Deed, Agreement, and MOU (Legal Document Drafting Service)

For optimizing the operational efficiency of an organization, there is a growing requirement of having perfect documentation for the completion of the goals and objectives. The legal documentation providence services have spread their wings and the industry is all set to break the records by ensuring compliance with strict rules and regulations to be followed. For undertaking any business contract, it is important for the firms to have legal documents for the same. If a thought of hiring a personal attorney for drafting all of your legal documents strikes you, then also you will feel the requirement of expert services for gaining a detailed insight into the basics of document filiation and the regulations.

Having an expert team, CA Rajput is your perfect halt for all your documentation and drafting requirements. We share experience in drafting contracts for clients belonging to different industries like banking, corporate, civil rights, or criminal law. We harbor exposure in handling various legal issues, and the revolving law has further refined the skills of professionally undertaking the document drafting process. We create documents as required by the clients and aims at the completion of the business requirements of the clients. Our area of expertise under legal document drafting services includes drafting of legal pleadings, documents related to litigation and discoveries for being reviewed by trial attorneys, and undergoing in-depth analysis for organizing the report of the legal information. We ensure you complete the task before the deadline and no proximity of errors and help you save the cost of hiring fresh resources.

7.Unit of SEZ/ STPI

Owing to the considerable amendments made into the SEZ and STPI Schemes, which with the support of an experienced partner by your side become easier and effective. SEZ Policy was announced for overcoming the shortcomings encountered in the absence of world-class structure and constantly changing the fiscal arena for effectively controlling multiple accounts and encourage international investments in India. Whereas to grant statutory and promotional services to the foreign exporters the government proposed STPI schemes. Both SEZ and STPI Schemes provide custom duty exemptions on the import of capital goods. SEZ shares the privilege of GST which automatically decreases the cost input for domestically obtained goods and services. SEZ units can set up their business operations in any part of India whereas the STPI is restricted to a designated one.

The organization should be clear in its objectives of setting up SEZ or STPI units on the part of trades. We at CA Rajput help you gain approval for establishing SEZ/ STPI units, assistance regarding issuance of the green card, and execution of various undertakings under STPI registration. Apart from that, we help you in obtaining approval from STPI authorities for the purchase of excise duty-free goods, import of second-hand goods, filing of monthly progress reports, Annual Progress Report, returns, and statements with STP authorities. We help you regarding the management of the statutory records under the STPI scheme, filing and registration of the purchase order, and obtaining a certificate of invoices during import and buying of the goods. We are the one-to-one solution for all your SEZ and STPI requirements.

Mandatory Annual Compliance for a Private Limited Company - Financial Year 2020-21.

  • Preparation & Filing of Form ADT - 01 (Auditor Appointment)
  • Commencement of Business Form 20A
  • Assistance & Documents Preparation for Bank Account Opening
  • Preparation of Balance Sheet, P & L Accounts, Audit Report, Director's Report, Extract of Annual Returns & Financial Statements
  • Preparation & Filing of Form AOC 04 (Financials Related Annual Return)
  • Preparation & Filing of Form MGT 07 (Management Related Annual Return)
  • Use of DSC of Auditor in Form AOC - 04
  • Preparation of 04 Minutes of Board Meeting
  • Preparation of Minutes of AGM
  • Income Tax Returns (Company)
  • Income Tax Returns(Directors)
  • Share Certificate
  • Preparation of 07 Registers
  • Preparation of MPB-01 (Disclosure of Interest by Directors)
  • Preparation of DIR - 08 (Disclosure of Non-Disqualification by Directors)
  • DIR 3 e-KYC Filing

Mentioned above are mandatory Compliance requirements for a Private Limited Company, for the complete checklist of LLP, Trust, Nidhi Company, and all other entities registered under Companies Act 2013 

Non-Compliant Companies are heavily penalized by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Directors have advised a cautious approach towards running the company or it may lead to prosecution as well as monetary punishment.

8. Corporate Advisary Services 

Corporate advisory

  • Corporate advisory is a specific service offering provided by some large financial and consulting firms to advise on financing solutions for public and private companies, corporations, financial institutions, and government clients. 
  • Corporate Advisory Services is a wide term that refers to specialist counsel given to businesses by professionals such as accountants, investment banks, lawyers, and a variety of other service providers.
  • The service is designed for public and large private companies that need strategic and tactical advice in identifying opportunities and strategic options for public and private mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, capital markets advisory, and project advisory.
  • Financial and global consulting firms such as Goldman Sachs, ANZ, Mazars, and PWC are examples of firms that provide corporate advisory as a service.
  • These firms can help public and private clients obtain capital from a variety of sources, as well as capital management, product structuring, and access to debt, hybrid, and equity in public and private market capital raising.
  • It may also include, but is not limited to, corporate restructuring, joint venture advice, and divestitures.


Rajput Jain & Associates

Disclaimer: The content of this post isn't considered to be professional or legal advice, We aren't responsible for any damages arising from your access to the location content & must not be relied on or used as a substitute for legal advice from a lawyer professional in your jurisdiction. CARajput is among India's big digital compliance services platform which committed to helping people have started & developed their businesses. We had started with the goal of creating it easier for start-ups to start out their business. Our main aim is to assist the businessman with applicable laws & regulations compliance and providing support at each & every level to make sure the business stays compliant and growing continuously. For any query, help or feedback you may in touch on or Call or what’s-up on 9-555-555-480

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