INCOME TAX Tax and Regulatory Services and their Compliance in India

Tax and Regulatory Services and their Compliance in India

Tax and Regulatory Services and their Compliance in India

Tax and Regulatory Services

With the major shift in multinationals for investing and transacting in India, it is important to have a deep insight into tax and regulatory policies for multiplying growth and grabbing opportunities. The major tax consultants and advisors in India conduct tax and regulatory procedures for dealing with income tax services. Encountering change globally, India is also taking a fresh turn towards expanding the tax base and ensuring strict compliance of tax and regulations through digital mechanisms.

Tax and Regulatory Compliance

Prior to developing any investment strategy, the companies must we well-versed with the tax regulatory issues they encounter owing to the expansion of the business geographically or structure-wise. Companies are seen at brainstorming with driving out the right and best possibilities out of their tax structures. For achieving the organization's goals, companies take the major initiative of outsourcing the critical part of their tax strategy for aligning the investments and tax management on the same scale.

We at Rajput Jain &Assciatesoffer Tax and Regulatory Compliance services of preparations and filing of Corporate tax returns, computation of Advanced Tax, obtaining withholding tax orders. By undergoing a detailed health checkup of the business operations for becoming liable to reap the most tax incentives benefit, deducting the potential exposure and improvement in tax compliance we help the companies run their business proceedings at a smooth course. Drafting of appeals, notices, and arguments before adjudication and obtaining NOC by revising the application which was earlier deemed as objectionable by the authorities is one of our major prerogatives.

Our experienced team of professionals helps clients save precious time by handling the majority of Tax and Regulatory Compliance arenas like the local tax inquiries, disclosure, and documentary obligations. Apart from that, we help you clear all the complications regarding Tax risk management and Value Added Tax compliance. Replacing internal procedures and systems with the latest custom legislation and timely deposition of self-assessment tax is what we aim to achieve by going by our fundamentals of Tax and Regulatory Compliance services.

International Taxation

International taxation refers to treaty provisions that relieve international double taxation and includes domestic legislation enveloping foreign and domestic income of non- residents. The government generally limits taxation in some manner be it terrestrial or by providing offsets to extra-territorial income. Income taxation applies to the activities which take place in 2 or more countries.

International Taxation Services in India

The taxes are levied on cross border transactions on a person living in one country and another country is the source of income. These cross-border transactions are the outcome of globalization around the world. There are 2 main principles regarding international taxation namely residence-based taxation and source-based taxation.

International Taxation Services in Delhi

Residence-based taxation is the tax levied upon the individuals which reside in a foreign country and make a profit. Income earned through this cross-border transaction is liable for residence-based taxation. The entities who are resident of one country and earns his income through some other country. In such a situation, the person is not liable to pay any tax, since he is not the resident of that place.

International Taxation – We Help Minimizing Your Overseas Tax Liabilities

Non- residents are only taxed on the basis of their income. We provide global solutions to multinational clients by advising on the matters conserving overseas tax obligations and help minimize your overseas tax liabilities.

International Taxation – We Help you Gin Major Insights

Dispute resolution, intellectual property valuation, and frame up a proper strategy for assisting you in meeting all your foreign tax compliance obligations. We will help analyze risk before identifying the tax applicability. We provide guidance and help you gain insight into major aspects of international taxation and its applicable measures.

Certificate work

Various types of certificates are required for a business to resume its course without any obstacle. The procurement of the certificate takes a long time. The thorough analysis of the documents and the approval from the authorities can extend up to days.

Certification Work in Delhi

In such a situation seeking experienced advice can help you find the solution to the problem. We are reliable providers of certification services. We have great experience in managing the documents and drafting of the important documents required for the issuance of the certificate.

Certification Work in India

Our team of highly efficient chartered accountants, tax consultants, and corporate financial advisors. We possess in-depth knowledge in various industrial fields which help us to adopt a rather productive approach towards offering a personalized gateway to the client’s problems.

Certification Work - Advanced Certification Services

We specialize in providing advanced certification services that align well with your requests and offer certification services across all major standards. Undertaking the requirements of the clients, we help to gain certificates within the limited time frame and abiding the law.

Certification Work – All Types of Certification Services Available

Certification of statutory liabilities, Fare Values of Share Company certificate, financial and annual financial statement services, certifications under Income tax deductions, Certification under Indirect taxes, certificates for claiming deductions, and government policies under proper rules and regulations.

Certification Work Services and Solutions

Our substantial experience and extensive contact-based throughout the corporate world in compliance with the knowledge regarding the governmental functions help us sought out productive certification work solutions for our client base. We help you provide services without engaging in complications and abiding by the law.

TDS Return

TDS stands for Tax deduction at source. It is mandatory to be incurred by the person who is making payments if the payment exceeds threshold limits.  Persons holding office under government, persons whose accounts are audited u/s 44AB, and Companies are liable to pay TDS. Instead of receiving the tax on the income, later on, the government deducts a lawful share beforehand and it gets deposited in the government funds. Filing Tax Deductions at source return is mandatory for the individuals who fall under the deducted TDS.

TDS Return is to be submitted quarterly along with fulfilling various details like TAN, deducted amount of TDS, PAN of dedicated, and the type of payment. Different rules and regulations are imposed varying in purposes for TDS deduction.  TDS certificates like form 16, form 16 A, 16B, and 16 C are issued by the person deducting the TDS to the assessee.

we are an eminent business platform that assists you in the end to end corporation, management consultancy, compliance, and advisory services. The payment for the delay in filing TDS returns is 200 Rs. Each day until the payment has been done. You must be aware that the total payment account should not exceed the TDS account. In case of non-filing of the TDS return within 1 year from the last date of filing return or is accused of incorrect information, the person is subjected to a penalty which could rest between 10000- 100000. From the filing of the e-TDS form to clearance of the TDS defaults we provide complete TDS filing services meeting the client’s interests and obligations.

CA Rajput as experienced professionals helps the clients conquer the tax and regulatory challenges by guiding them in a way to meet the respective company goals. We deploy effective tax planning strategies for the companies engaged in doing business in India. We adopt a strategy based on the latest amendments made in the tax and regulatory services for planning with a clear perspective and manage tax affairs effectively. Our professional team assists you in tax planning appellate related assistant services, Excise and Custom services, Central Sales Tax Services, preparation and computation of international Taxation services, and Income Tax services.  We aim at resolving disputes in taxation by providing appropriate insight in tax-related matters undertaking various dispute resolution mechanisms like Mutual Agreement Procedures (MAP) and Authority of Advance Ruling (AAR). We through our tax and regulatory services aim at ensuring compliance with local and tax international laws for facing the challenges in the evolving global markets is our prime responsibility. The data is kept confidential which strengthens the client’s trust in us. For tailored solutions, we deploy strategies aiming at fixing business problems and aim at maintaining integrity, independence, and professionalism in the corporate world.

Income tax Chart 2020 with covering latest Covid Relaxations & Alternative Tax Regime 


Rajput Jain & Associates

Disclaimer: The content of this post isn't considered to be professional or legal advice, We aren't responsible for any damages arising from your access to the location content & must not be relied on or used as a substitute for legal advice from a lawyer professional in your jurisdiction. CARajput is among India's big digital compliance services platform which committed to helping people have started & developed their businesses. We had started with the goal of creating it easier for start-ups to start out their business. Our main aim is to assist the businessman with applicable laws & regulations compliance and providing support at each & every level to make sure the business stays compliant and growing continuously. For any query, help or feedback you may in touch on or Call or what’s-up on 9-555-555-480

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