GST Filling Time Schedule for Filling of GST Refund Application

Time Schedule for Filling of GST Refund Application

Time Schedule for Filling of GST Refund Application

Time Schedule for Filling of GST Refund Application

Punctual refund procedures are important for the best tax management since they open the door to trade by releasing restricted money.

The claim for GST Refund process is now completely online and scheduled under the GST regime, throwing the previously time-consuming and tedious procedure in the far behind.

Means of GST Refund

‘GST Refund’ has not been particularly defined in GST law However for Objective of section 54, GST refund has been stated to mean as, “GST refund includes GST refund of tax paid on zero-rated supplies of services or goods or both or on input services or inputs used in making such zero-rated supplies, or refund of tax on supply of goods regarded as deemed exports, or GST refund of unutilised ITC as provided under Section 54(3)”.

Who can claim GST Refund?

We can claim GST Refund in the following situations:

  • GST Refund of accumulated ITC
  • Refund on account of issuance of refund vouchers for taxes paid on advances against which goods or services have not been supplied
  • Finalization of provisional assessment under GST law
  • Refund of pre-deposit GST tax
  • Export of Goods or services
  • Refunds to International tourists of GST paid on goods in India & carried abroad at the time of their departure from India.
  • Supplies to Special economic zones units and developers
  • Deemed Export supplies under the indirect tax law.
  • Refund of GST Taxes on purchase made by embassies or United Nations etc
  • GST Refund arising on account of judgment, decree, order or direction of the Appellate Authority, Appellate Tribunal or any court
  • Refund of Central Goods and Services Tax & State Goods and Services Tax paid by treating the supply as intra-State supply which is subsequently held as inter-State supply and vice versa
  • Excess payment due to mistake

Relevant Date for GST Refund for Filling of GST Refund Application

As per GST law it is important that every claim for Goods and services tax refund is submitted within 2 years from the Relevant Date. The ‘Relevant Date’ under different situation can be mentioned here under as:

GST Refund Nature

Relevant Date for GST Refund

For zero-rated supplies to SEZ unit/ developer

Due date of furnishing of return under section 39 of the Central Goods and Services Tax ACT

In case Services exported out of India-
(a) where supply of service is completed prior to receipt of payment
(b) where payment of the service had been received in advance prior to the date of issue of the invoice

  1. Date of receipt of payment in convertible foreign exchange

(b) Date of issue of invoice

In case Goods are exported by Air or Sea

Date on which such ship or aircraft leaves India

In case Goods are dispatched by post

The Date of dispatch of goods by post office concerned to a place outside India

In case Goods are exported by land

Date on which such goods pass the frontiers

GST Tax is paid provisionally under the GST Act or GST applicable rules

The Date of adjustment of the Goods and service tax after final assessment

GST Tax becomes refundable as a result of judgment, order, decree or direction of Appellate Authority, Tribunal or any Court

Date of communication of such judgment or direction or order decree

In case of a person other than supplier

Date of receipt of services or good or both by such person

GST Refund of unutilized ITC

End of FY in which such claim of refund arises

In any other case

Date of payment of Goods and service tax

Online Procedure for Goods and Services Tax Refund

  1. Initially Submission of GST RFD 01 with basic documents as per the GST Rules in Prescribe Annexure to the GST form & relevant declarations,
  2. Next step, In the GST refund application should not have any issues  or errors or mistake in GST RFD 01 application, GST Taxpayer shall receive an GST RFD 02 acknowledgement,
  3. In case of any errors or mistake or issues in the GST refund application, it should  be informed in prescribe form or manner in GST RFD 03.
  4. In case GST Officer is satisfied that, Officer may pass an relevant GST order in specified GST RFD 04 sanctioning the GST refund due within specified seven days from acknowledgement date.
  5. GST Officer may issue GST refund order in specified form GST RFD 06 & issue a GST payment advise in prescribed form GST RFD 05 post which GST refund automatically gets credited to the GST taxpayer respective bank account of GST registered person.
  6. GST refund order should be made within Sixty days from receiving date of final GST refund application.
  7. If matter related to export supplies, the GST Act also provides for a provisional GST refund of 90 percentage of GST refund claim within Seven days of the acknowledgement date, however supplier was not prosecuted in the last five years immediately last GST refund period.

Interest receivable on Delayed Goods and services tax Refunds

  • In case of Goods and services tax Refund Order passed by the GST Officer under sub section 5 of section 54 of the CGST Act, 2017, Govt shall pay an interest of Six Percentage from the date immediately after Sixty days expiry from date of receipt of application of GST refund. Acknowledgement date is not date of receipt of GST refund application, then such relevant period of Sixty days shall be count from application receipt date & not from acknowledgement date.
  • In case of Goods and services tax refund come from an order made by the appellate authority, adjudicating authority or appellate tribunal, the Govt shall pay an interest of Nine percentage from the date immediately after expiry of Sixty days from application receipt date of GST refund submitted consequent upon the received of such GST order.

The GST law's provisions for GST refunds are intended to standardise and streamline the refund process. By providing held-back cash for working capital and business expansion, the assessee's operations would be facilitated by keeping a watch on transactions and applying for GST refunds on time.

GST New Update: The option to utilize amount in cash ledger of 1 GSTIN by another Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (entities having same permanent account number) by way of transfer through form PMT-09 has been made effective in the Goods and Services Tax portal.

Refund Process under GST- "Know Your Refund Status"

  • The "Know Your Refund Status" feature has been moved from Pre-login Mode to Post-login Mode. 
  • GST After logging in to the online GST e-Filing portal, registered taxpayers can use this feature by going to Services -> Know Your Refund Status.
  • The final four digits of the bank account where the return is credited and the refund date are now displayed.

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