AUDIT Importance of Internal Audit in India

Importance of Internal Audit in India

Importance of Internal Audit in India

Importance of Internal Audit

Checking the internal system is that the most frequent task. Several types will be distinguished here: audit, operational audit, compliance audit (compliance audit), audit of knowledge technology (information systems), audit within the field of environmental protection.

A financial audit is an audit of the accounting and financial reporting system. It aims to make sure the integrity of the company’s financial statements. An operational audit is an audit of a company’s business processes, like procurement, production, logistics, marketing, sales, etc.

  • Compliance audit – checking the company’s compliance with the necessities of this legislation, still as internal regulatory documents – policies, procedures, regulations, standards, etc.
  • Information systems audit – checking the security and security of the company’s information systems and therefore the effectiveness of their use.
  • Audit within the field of environmental protection could be a relatively new type, the necessity that is caused by the tightening of legislation during this area.
  • While fraud detection is mostly not a goal of internal audit, a recent study by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners found that, on average, about one-quarter of fraudulent frauds come from internal audit activities.
  • Internal audit is involved in a very wide selection of special projects, as an example, like reengineering various systems and processes, installing a brand new information system, conducting a self-assessment of control, mergers, and acquisitions, etc.
  • In many cases, an Internal audit performs the tasks of confirming the reliability of monetary and accounting statements and therefore the correctness of the calculation and payment of taxes. That is, it's an “internal” continuation of the external audit.

Need of Internal Audit

  • The objectivity of internal audit is related to the utmost independence of the auditor from everyone in their conclusions. Making them, he must depend on his knowledge and skill, must argue his assessments, simply and simply expressing his position
  • The need for an internal audit is particularly felt when the corporate attracts foreign investment. In such a case, the general public borrowing company must submit annual reports containing the report of the external auditor. It involves creation of opinion in respect of management’s activities, compliance with financial reporting procedures, effectiveness of internal control, etc. Internal audit objectives may vary reckoning on the objectives of the organization, its size and structure, and management requirements.
  • Often, internal auditors are asked to exactly monitor the risks related to the launch of large-scale corporate programs, the signing of enormous contracts and transactions. And globally – to assist improve the performance of the corporate. Also, internal audit often faces various difficulties within the corporate. the most one is that the lack of understanding of the work of the internal auditor by the management or the owner. And accordingly- it’s inappropriate to use.
  • For example, when the internal audit service is employed as a mini-punitive body within the management system. Although this is often not its task, despite the difficulties, an internal audit is required by any organization, both budget, and commercial.

It helps to make a risk management system, timely identify shortcomings within the operation of the enterprise and improve the efficiency of all its activities. The objectives of internal audit may change, but it'll always specialize in one thing- to cut back the likelihood of economic loss and bankruptcy. 

Don't forget that internal audits are going to be systematic, strictly documented, and can be ready to perform its tasks within the company only if it's disbursed by professionals with a sufficient level of data and practical experience.

Characteristics of Internal Audit

  1. The management of companies in many cases doesn't realize the importance of internal audit and also the breadth of tasks that it can solve and perceives internal audit because the modern name of a well known audit.
  2. An internal audit is usually a continuation or addition to an external audit since it's perceived as an audit of monetary statements.
  3. In companies, internal audit must constantly influence managers and employees of the corporate its necessity and usefulness. Unfortunately, employees don't always realize that the internal audit service isn't called upon to regulate performers but to spot weaknesses and deficiencies in systems, processes, procedures and develop recommendations that help to eliminate them.
  4. Misunderstanding of the role of internal audit, both on the a part of the owners and management of companies, and in some cases on the a part of the internal auditors themselves, ends up in disappointment.
  5. The perception of internal auditors as corporate cops, prosecutors, etc. complicates their work and doesn't produce the expected results.

Career in Internal Auditing

  • A few years ago, it had been not accepted to speak about internal audit as a profession. Many of the companies employ certain employees for undertaking internal audit services.
  • Gradually, internal audit is being formalized into a full-fledged profession with all its attributes and becomes an integral a part of the business. In today’s world, internal auditors have been vested with the quality standards of professional conduct, the “Code of Ethics”, a world-recognized professional qualification.
  • Positions like “internal auditor”, “lead auditor”, “manager of internal audit”, “chief auditor” et al. have taken a full place within the staffing tables of organizations. More importantly, the role and responsibilities of internal auditors became clear and, as a result, respect for the profession has grown.
  • The activities of providers of auditing services in India became noticeable for boards of directors and senior executive management of companies, which are getting down to perceive internal audit as an independent link within the corporate mechanism, making a big contribution to the event and prosperity of the corporate.
  • Internal audit may be a very convenient “outside view”, including for the manager management of a company. Even privately companies, internal audit service is gradually becoming an extra and necessary management tool.
  • And publically companies, internal audit is separated into a division, without which it's simply difficult for shareholders and leaders of the organization to convince the investment community that the corporate is striving to boost the company governance process.
  • The internal auditors themselves are setting out to feel what was difficult to feel before- their benefits for the business. After all, their contribution to improving its efficiency, albeit indirect, is measured in amounts that significantly exceed the value of the inner audit function for the organization.
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  • Thus, working in an internal audit framework provides a wonderful opportunity to check all aspects of the business, which is a useful advantage for professional and career growth, further as contributes to the acquisition of skills and qualities necessary for a successful manager.
  • In addition, working as an internal auditor allows you to induce to understand the company’s employees performing a large kind of functions and establish working relationships with managers of all levels, including foreign divisions if any.
  • By studying and evaluating processes and procedures in various operational and structural divisions, internal auditors become “carriers” of best practices that may be successfully applied in other divisions or become an internal standard of the corporate, and this is often why one should opt for the career of internal auditing consulting services.
  • As a result, internal auditors are generators of fresh ideas and constructive proposals and develop a thought of how and in what direction the corporate should develop. Most specialists choose internal audit as their main profession, and also the number of students curious about the in-depth study of this subject is increasing. However, those wishing to become internal auditors should learn the profession on their own.
  • For this, it's important to know the role of internal audit, to grasp the standards of activity and also the methodology of internal audit. A prerequisite is knowledge of management principles, still as possession of basic knowledge generally disciplines like accounting, financial analysis, and law.

Audit & Assurance Services

Audit and assurance are the procedures for evaluating a company's financial records. They are intertwined processes. Audit and assurance is the process of confirming whether or not the records available in the company's accounting record are in accordance with accounting standards and principles, as well as whether or not the accounting record is accurate.

Audit & Assurance work involves

  • Performing risk analysis;
  • Improving client communication skills;
  • Preparation of financial statements;
  • Identifying where systems may be failing and recommending controls.CA Service Providers in Delhi & CA Firms in Delhi

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