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What’s the GST refund?

Usually, when the GST paid is more than the GST liability, the GST refund situation arises. In the context of GST, the process of claiming a refund is standardized to avoid confusion. The mechanism is online and deadlines have also been set for the same thing.

What is the GST ARN number?

The ARN is a 15-digit application reference number that is recognized by the GST portal while submitting the GST Registration application. The ARN number helps to track the status of the GST portal application for registration. If the applicant already knows the number of his application for registration, it is much better, but if the applicant does not know his ARN, then this is the process to know the number of the application.

Situations that may lead to a refund of claims

A proper refund process is necessary for successful tax administration, as trade is encouraged by the release of restricted funds for the modernisation, growth and capital needs of a company. There are many cases in which refunds can be claimed. Here are some of them.  There are many cases in which refunds can be claimed. Here are some of them the circumstances which could lead to claims for refund include:

  1. The excess tax payment is due to error or omission.
  2. Exports of Product/Services
  3. Dealer Exports (including deemed export) goods / services on the basis of a refund or refund
  4. GST Refund if the embassies buy.
  5. Supplies to developers and units in special economic zones
  6. Refund of accrued input tax credit on account of inverted duty structure
  7. Refund of pre-deposit if any
  8. Refund will arising from court order/judgment/direction and decree of the Appellate Tribunal, Appellate Authority or any court of law
  9. Refund of taxes when embassies make purchases
  10. Finalisation of provisional assessment
  11. Excess payment because of an error
  12. Refund due to issuance of refund vouchers for taxes paid on advances against which commodities or services haven’t been supplied
  13. Finalization of the provisional assessment
  14. Tax refund for international tourists who paid GST on commodities within the country and carried to an international location when they depart India
  15. Refund of SGST and CGST paid by considering the supply in the course of inter-state commerce or trade
  16. ITC accumulation on the basis that the output is tax-exempt or zero-rated

Requirement of list of Documents for GST refund application

Applicants who wish to make a claim will have to submit detailed documents in addition to a refund claim. The documents prescribed for the same are standard documents. Therefore, for each claim, the primary document to be submitted is a statement of the relevant invoices relating to the claim. If the refund is made on account of the export of services, not including the invoice declaration, the relevant bank accounting certificates verifying receipt of payment in foreign currency should also be provided. In the event that a claim is made by the Supplier to the Special Economic Zones (SEZ) unit, the Authorized Officer will have to confirm receipt of such goods or services in the SEZ and submit the same along with the other documents. In addition, the SEZ unit will also have to make a declaration stating that the ITC tax paid by the supplier has not been used.

List of documents required for GST Refund Processing-

  1. Copy of Form RFD 01 A filed on the common portal-
  2. Copy of Statement 3 A of Form RFD 01 A generated on the common portal-
  3. Copy of Statement 3 of Form RFD 01 A
  4. Invoices relating to input and output services-
  5. BRC / FIRC for export of services-Company / Declaration in Form RFD 01 A

Refund Process under GST

In order to process a refund claim, the following procedure must be followed:
• Visit the GSTN portal and fill in the application form to claim the refund.

  • You will receive an email or an SMS containing an acknowledgement number after the application has been filed electronically.
  • The Cash and Return Ledger will be adjusted and the “Input Tax Credit Carry Forward” will be reduced automatically.
  • The request for refund, together with the documents you have submitted, will be examined by the authorities for a period of 30 days after the request for refund has been filed.
  • “Unjust enrichment” (explained below) is a concept that will be thoroughly scrutinized by the authorities. In the event that the application is not eligible, the refund will be transferred to the Consumer Welfare Fund (CWF).
  • In the event that the refund claimed by the individual exceeds the predetermined amount of the refund, a pre-audit procedure will be carried out before the refund is punished.
  • The payment of the refund shall be made electronically to the applicant’s account through NEFT, RTGS or ECS.
  • Individuals are allowed to submit their applications for refund at the end of each quarter.
  • If the amount of the refund is less than Rs.1000, no refund will be granted to the individual.

Process of refunding the GST for exports pursuant to the present return file

Unjust Enrichment

Due to the fact that GST is an indirect tax structure and that the consumer has to bear its incidence, it is usually assumed that the owner of the business will transfer the incidence of tax to the final consumer. For the same reason, any refund claim (excluding specified exceptions) is required to pass the “unjust enrichment” test. If such claims are punished, they shall first be transferred to the Consumer Welfare Fund. The test shall not apply to refund of accumulated ITC, refund of payment of incorrect tax, refund on account of exports, refund of tax paid on supplies, etc. In addition to the above-mentioned incidents, the “unjust enrichment” test must be carried out if the claim amount is to be received by the applicant.

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