Why this blog? What we believe…

NRIs have invested heavily in India and they play crucially important role for India’s development. However, unfortunately, our experience of working with NRIs from various countries over a period of many years suggests that they are not being served properly.

This may be because of complicated laws and frequent changes in laws by the Government, ambiguity of guidelines for complying with the laws, subjectivity in interpreting the guidelines by the banks, ignorance of laws, procedures, or requirements or the lack of experience in dealing with NRI issues by the employees or the advisors, conflict of interest by the agents/advisors of various financial intermediaries, ignorance of income tax provisions,  inability to analyze the effect of the any advise in long term or on NRI’s global taxes or other investments, etc.

We believe in changing the current NRI investment, taxation and other consulting practices in India and providing consulting that is in the best interest of the NRIs. We believe in empowering NRIs by providing true (full truth), correct, complete and accurate information, enabling them to make quality informed decision with full disclosure, integrity, confidentiality and ethical behavior.

In this effort, we take a small step by writing a blog educating NRIs about the recent changes, analyzing the effects and provide information to the best of our knowledge in simple and easy to understand language as well as replying to comments by anyone on the blog for free as a service to NRIs for general information purposes.

If you have a specific question or peculiar situation that require in-depth analysis and guidance, please “Contact Us” to experience our one-stop all client-centric services.

We provide holistic client-centric consulting considering not only investment products and their features, but also clients’ risk profile, RBI/FEMA rules and regulations, Indian Income Tax provisions, Double Tax Avoidance Agreements (DTAA) and foreign financial and investment compliance requirements. Our financial planning, investments and taxation consulting helps our clients increase their risk adjusted after-tax return while complying applicable rules and regulations in India.