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What’s Better: online CFO or inhouse fulltime CFO services


  • Numerous times, the Company needs someone to take over the duties of their CFO immediately. This could happen when the new CFO unexpectedly fails or is ill for a long period of time.
  • In such a circumstance, you could either make every attempt to look for an applicant, and waste valuable time and resources before the potential hire begins working with the company, or you could bring in an accomplished CFO from our staff, as the Interim CFO. It would help the organization bridge the void generated between the outgoing CFO and the incoming CFO.
  • While your required CFO is out of the frame, save the energy and time to recruit a skilled CFO for your business. Hiring our interim CFO would save your money and get an expert on board without any effort!
  • Our agile interim CFO would relieve you of the burden that surrounds you and provide you with the right financial outlook. We ‘re giving you the best proportion of expertise and experience that doesn’t call for a fat paycheck as your CFO did.
  • Outsourced CFO Services will help you analyze the financial weaknesses and strengths of your company. They will also suggest a strategic plan for you and help you grow your business.
  • If you are involved in all non-core operations and suffer a lot from negligence against your core business, consider recruiting an experienced outsourced CFO company like us. With us by your side, you and your company would be in a stronger place to succeed in terms of financial success.
  • A growing company needs a good financial buffer and the development of this must be left to experts. Remember, you can’t waste your money on solely enhancing your finances or recruiting a full-time CFO.
  • Try recruiting outsourced CFO resources who can produce the optimal outcomes without burning a hole in your wallet!

Reasons to outsource your CFO Services with big, medium and small companies

1.      The outsourced CFO operation is free.

  • Hiring a full-time CFO will cost you a fortune. Plus, the in-house CFO will provide you with the same services as our external CFO specialist. So why spend more if you can enjoy all the benefits and high-quality work at an affordable price?
  • You’ll also save more money because you don’t have to pay for the CFO’s insurance and retirement coverage.

2.    Brings a new take on economic uncertainty

  • When you have an outside individual working on your problems, you get a new perspective on the situation. This can be crucial if the issues are to be handled rapidly and efficiently.
  • Your CFO may only be trained to work in a specific financial situation, but outsourced CFOs often have extra knowledge. They know just what you need, and they’ve struggled with various financial issues.

3.      It’s definitely a smart idea to have a financial soundboard

  • Getting someone to speak to and get advice helps you feel safe. Get this protection by contracting the CFO Services as a team of experts even works as a consultant!

4.    For the appropriate financial performance

  • Outsourcing CFO Resources lets you collect reliable financial details. Accurate financial reports tells you the current state of your company and, at times, what you need to do!

5.    Interim Chief Financial Officer is agile

  • Versatility is the biggest benefit that you obtain from recruiting an experienced Temporary CFO. Their versatility is the ability to do the job anytime you need to. And they know how to cope with ever-changing financial circumstances. Have your job finished at the time and pay just for what you need.more

6.   No big payments for the CFO

  • Stuck on the idea of hiring an Interim CFO, but worried about what price tag they might come up with?

7.      They’re professional, and they know what to do.

  • Temporary CFOs come with the skills and expertise you need to overcome all the difficulties. Hiring an Acting CFO in the midst of the financial chaos won’t worry you.
  • They are well-experienced to adapt rapidly, evaluate the circumstances and function instantly.

8.    Their role is equal to a full-time CFO.

  • Are you facing a financial turmoil, so you don’t have a CFO on board? Hiring a new one sounds like a tiring job. Instead, consider recruiting the Temporary CFO to restart the job underway and also provide full-time CFO services!
  • Competition in the market is strong today, and businesses still seek financial advice from time to time. Having a team of experts on board would save you from falling behind in the chase.

What is the time to outsource CFO services to your business?

  • The company is going at a fantastic speed, and then you’re trapped because of the abrupt departure of your CFO. There is no cleverness in making the company fail because of the difference.
  • Hiring a new CFO in a short amount of time may be a difficult job. It’s hard to find someone with the same skills as your old CFO, who was well-versed with your financial state.
  • Often recruiting a CFO can be a challenging job. And recruiting the wrong one, too, can be catastrophic and expensive. We should handle it! For these situations, sourcing your CFO services will make your job simpler and give you more time to recruit the right one.
  • Not getting a CFO for a short period can be detrimental to your company. Interim CFO occupies the void between the point of the retirement of your CFO and the launch date of the current one.

Below are a few signs when you’re trying to recruit CFO services.

  • In your market, you need more capital
  • You are working on a major project
  • The cash balance is under-managed
  • Business is going through a merger and takeover process
  • You like better productivity
  • If your CFO has quit your company
  • You are rebuilding your company and you need financial assistance
  • I need an authority on an important future initiative and to address some financial problems.
  • Start-ups and fast-growing companies will benefit from the Interim CFO.

Our Interim CFO Services will cover the void of the empty CFO Chair from the time of his departure until a new one is appointed. With our highly trained and seasoned experts on board, you don’t need to think about your finances. They’ll take over the steering and boost the financial role in the top gear.

Why do you choose Rajput Jain & Associates?

  • Overall the years, CFO Services has offered its outsourced CFO services to clients across a broad variety of industries across India. CFO Services is headquartered in Delhi and offers facilities throughout India. We ‘re supplying well-experienced Interim CFOs who work to give you everything you ask for.
  • Our team of experts has the perfect mix of expertise and information that will yield tremendous benefits for you. Our team of financial professionals is available to support you at every time of the day. Our scalable and adjustable services prove to be an asset for you because you only pay for what you need!
  • Aside from striving to push the business to greater heights, our experts come with the right experience and skills to provide what you need.
  • Your hunt for the Interim CFO will stop right here! We at CFO Services would offer you a package of services at your convenience and at a reasonable price. Finally, our outsourced CFO Services gives you more time to focus on your company by diligently focusing on your finances.
  • Your hunt for outsourcing your CFO Services ends here, and we also give a free report to let you know your current condition. Please fill out the form below and email us for a free audit!

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