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Direct Tax:

Assessing officer being a statutory authority under the Act is bound to respect all the laws may be made by the Parliament or may be made by the State Legislature. He has no jurisdiction to examine the constitutional validity of any Act or the statute or a subordinate legislation which creates statutory liability upon the assessee to make the payment by way of an expenditure incurred.[The Commissioner of Income Tax Vs M/s Karnataka State Beverages Corporation ltd. (Karnataka High Court)]

CBDT to honour honest taxpayers “Honest and Compliant” taxpayers from across the country who have paid their Income Tax dues diligently over the years.

The Finance Bill, 2017 passed with Changes:

  • Threshold limit prohibiting cash payments reduced from rupees three lakhs to two lakhs with equivalent penalty.
  • TCS on cash transactions scrapped from  1% on sale of jewellery above Rs five lakh.
  • Mandatory quoting of Aadhaar No for IT Return and PAN Application W.e.f.01/07/17.
  • Cap on political donations removed from Co. Under Companies Act, 2013 from up to 7.5% of their average profits.

Indirect Tax:

CESTAT Mumbai holds that exemption accorded to small scale industries under Notification No. 8/2001-CE cannot be denied because brand name used by assessee is registered with another person. It observes that such denial would constrain the exemption Notification and would be perilous for any small unit to use a brand unless registered in own name.

The contributions of the assessees to the Provident Fund are not a recognized Fund, the same are not eligible for deduction u/s. 80C (2) (vi) of the I.T. Act. M/s. Kodakkad Service Co-operative Bank Ltd. Vs The Income Tax Officer (TDS) (ITAT Cochin)

DVAT has extended the last date of filing of online/hard copy of third quarter return for the year 2016-17, in Form DVAT-16, DVAT-17 and DVAT-48 alongwith required annexures/enclosures to 17.03.2017Vide Circular No. 26 of 2016-17 dated 08.03.2017.

CESTAT rules that assembling various components into a computer system does not constitute ‘manufacture’, hence not liable to ‘excise duty’  [TS-43-CESTAT-2017-EXC]

Service receiver can’t change classification and categorization of services: Delhi CESTAT [2017] 79 198 (New Delhi – CESTAT)

FAQ on GST: 

Query: Can a return once uploaded be revised or rectified?

Answer: There is no provision for revision of any return under GST Law. The return once filed and matched will become final. The transactions which need revision in any return already filed will be considered in the next month’s return. In every monthly return, there is a table for entries in respect of the earlier returns filed.   

Query: What will be the implications if unregisterd dealers purchased goods?

 Answer: The receiver of goods would not get ITC.Further the recipients who are registerd under composition scheme would be liabale to pay tax under reverse charge.

Query: Under GST, if any person is availing Composition Scheme, can he purchase goods and services from unregistered tax payers?

Answer: A Composition supplier is required to make purchases only from registered taxpayers. In case, a composition supplier makes any purchases from an unregistered taxpayer, he would be liable to pay tax on reverse charge basis on all his purchases made from unregistered persons.

GST Updates :

GST set to be rolled out from July 1, states have not made many changes in the indirect tax structure in their Budgets for 2017-18, assuming that adequate compensation would be provided to them for any shortfall in revenue receipts on this count.

RBI Updates :

RBI notified that Government of India has issued amendments in master direction on risk management and inter-bank dealings. Also, for providing operational flexibility to multinational entities and their Indian subsidiaries exposed to currency risk arising out of current account transactions emanating in India, the extant hedging guidelines have been amended as per the terms and conditions in the Annex I to this circular vide circular no. A.P. (DIR Series) Circular No. 41 dated 21st march, 2017.

SEBI Update: 

SEBI is evaluating the category of benchmarks being currently used to compare the returns of mutual fund (MF) schemes.

Govt considering allowing 100% Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in insurance broking with a view to giving a boost to the sector at present, allows 49%.

MCA Updates:

MCA has issued  Companies (Indian Accounting Standards) Amendment Rules, 2017 vide notification dated 17th March, 2017.

Key Due Dates:

Important dates for March 2017:

  • 6 March  : Service tax monthly deposit other than Ind, HUF & P.Firm
  • 7 March  : TDS/ TCS deposit
  • 15 March : Deposit of PF
  • 15 March : Payment of Advance Tax
  • 20 March : Monthly UP VAT return & tax
  • 21 March : Deposit of ESI
  • 31 March : E-payment of service Tax by all assesses Monthly/ Quarterly
  • 31 March : Filing of Belated Income Tax returns for the A/Y 15-16 & A/Y 16-17
  • Return of TDS for dec quarter in DVAT 48 : 17:03:2017
  • E payment of DVAT & CST tax for Feb : 21:03:2017
  • Date of filing of DVAT Return in Form 16,17, and 48 for Q-3 , 2016-17 has been extended upto 31.03.2017 vide circular 28 dated 17.03.2017.
  • E payment of service tax for quarter ended march : 31:03:2017
  • E payment of excise duty for quarter ended : 31:03:2017
  • Filing of ITR for AY 2016-17 without penalty & AY 2015-16 with penalty of 5000 : 31:03:2017
  • Payment of balance Advanve income tax by ALL (sec 234B&234C) : 31:03:2017

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