• Income Tax: Disallowance of Privilege fee paid u/s 40(a)(ii) or (iib) – sharing of revenue with the state – The privilege fee payable by the petitioner to the State Government would be taxable with effect from 1.4.2014 and not prior thereto – HC
  • Income Tax: Adoption of Profit Level Indicator (PLI) of OP/TC to determine ALP – , in the absence of identification or segregation of capital employed with regard to AE’s transaction and those with others, the RoCE method would not indicate the appropriate margin for determining the ALP. – HC
  • Income Tax: Disallowance of interest u/s 36(1)(iii) – it can be said that amount invested in the subsidiaries company was arising out of commercial expediency and was thus for the purpose of business of the assessee.
  • Income Tax: Sale of factory land at Guindy, Chennai – Capital Gain OR business profit – without bringing any material on record merely based on some remote circumstances, an inference cannot be drawn that the Assessees indulged in an adventure in the nature of business or trade.
  • Income Tax: Penalty u/s 271(1)(c ) – after taking into consideration the human conduct and preponderance of probability clearly indicate that the assessee became a willing party to nefarious black money racket for obtaining bogus gifts. Such acts cannot be taken lightly as they lead to scourge of black money in the country.


  • Service Tax: Cenvat Credit – input service – Outdoor catering services – a notification issued in Notification No.3/2011 dated 1.3.2011 excluding the outdoor catering services came into effect on 1.4.2011 but here the period relates to a period prior to 1.4.2011. – credit allowed – HC
  • Central Excise: Reversal of CENVAT credit – whether the appellant while clearing the imported inputs which were found to be defective and unusable and later re-exported from their premises, is required to pay an amount equal to the credit availed on such inputs as per Rule 3(5) of the Cenvat Credit Rules, 2004 – Held No
  • Central Excise: Claim of exemption on Air conditioning unit, condensing unit, chillers, walk in cold rooms – the institution is not engaged in commercial activity and the goods are required for research purposes – respondent has complied with the Notification 10/97 dated 01.03.1997 – benefit of exemption allowed
  • Central Excise: New case cannot be made out after issuance of show cause notice and after passing the adjudication order. Both the lower authority have wrongly denied the Cenvat credit on the Capital goods.
  • Customs: Clim of refund – Excess payment of CVD at the time of import – there was indeed no assessment order as such passed by the customs authorities – The order of the Assistant Commissioner (Refund) rejecting the refund claim of the Petitioner on the ground of maintainability was, for the aforementioned reasons, plainly erroneous.
  • Customs: Import of goods – Change in standards under the FSS Act – The legitimate expectation of the importer would always subject to the policy change of the State. If the law is changed as on the date of release, the importer is bound by the law on the date of release. – HC
  • Customs: Release of property – seizure of gold and Indian currency – violation of provision of Customs Act. – the petitioner has to establish his ownership over the property before the Adjudicating Authority. Whether the adjudication proceedings are initiated legally or not, is not a question at the time of invoking the power under Section 110A of the Customs Act but what is contemplated under Section 110A is that the said person making the claim should be the owner of the goods to be released – HC

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