Direct Tax:-

CBDT has issued the Income Tax (24th Amendment) Rules, 2016 vide Notification No. 89/2016 dated 4/10/2016.These rules are regarding expenditure for obtaining right to use spectrum for telecommunication services.

CBDT has issued the Income Tax (25th  Amendment) Rules, 2016 vide Notification No. 90/2016 dated 5/10/2016.Form No. 68 notified to get immunity from penalty for underreporting and misreporting of income.CBDT also insert the rule 129 and Form no. 68.

CBDT has issued the Income Tax (26th  Amendment) Rules, 2016 vide Notification No. 91/2016 dated 06/10/2016.CBDT notified rules for allowability of Spectrum license fee paid by TeleCos.

IT: Transaction of shares – nature of income – business income or capital gain – magnitude of transactions carried out by the assessee in our view should not be very material in coming to the conclusion that income in question is income from business – Shree Padmasagar Exports Pvt. Ltd. Vs CIT, Cir-5, Kol (2016 (10) TMI 320 – ITAT Kolkata)

IT: Validity of reopening of assessment – Revenue in the instant case has come to the conclusive finding which attained finality that the transactions of purchase of shares are sham and bogus transactions camouflaged with an intention to evade taxes – Ratnakar M. Pujari Vs ITO, W-25(3)(3), Mumbai (2016 (10) TMI 316 – ITAT Mumbai)

 Indirect Tax:-

Principle of lifting of the corporate veil – recovery of duty / tax from the director cannot be made merely on the basis of allegation . The test of fraudulent conduct not satisfied so as to attract the principle of lifting of corporate veil.High Court -VAT and Sales Tax.( Shri Harbhajan Singh Versus The Commissioner of Trade Tax, U.P. Lucknow)

 The petitioner cannot seek for cross examination of the officer who gave the report – the contention raised by the petitioner that they have to be permitted to cross examine the Chemical Examiner of the Central Laboratory is a misconceived plea – High Court – Customs-(M/s. Visal Lubetech Corporation, P. Karthikeyan Versus The Additional Commissioner of Customs)

ST: Suo motu adjustment of excess payment of service tax made in October 2008 with subsequent service liability – procedural violation – demand of service tax of the said amount is not sustainable – ONGC Ltd. Vs CCEC&ST, Surat-II (2016 (10) TMI 307 – CESTAT Ahmedabad)

FAQ on Company Law:

Query: One of the director of our client company died in the car accident who was one director of only TWO Directors Company. Kindly tell us the procedure to fill the casual vacancy so arose as immediately as possible as the company as a whole is suffering due to this.

Answer: As per Section -161 of the Companies Act 2013, the articles of company confer on its Board of Directors the power to appoint any person, other than a person who fails to get appointed as a director in general meeting, as an additional director at any time who shall hold office upto the date of AGM or the last date on which AGM should have been held, whichever is earlier.

So, additional director can be appointed by the remaining director of the company  who shall hold office upto the date of AGM  & thus is required to be regularized in the forthcoming AGM of the company.

Query: Whether the members of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India are exempted from obtaining registration under Investment Adviser Regulations?

Answer: Members of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India who provide investment advice to their clients incidental to their professional services are exempted from obtaining registration under IA Regulations. For example :- An advice by a professional CA as a tax consultant to his tax client for investing in ELSS in the course of tax planning will be treated as incidental to his profession as a tax consultant. However, if they are engaged in providing investment advisory services in securities as an activity or business to clients or investors which is not incidental to their main activity then they are required to get registration as an investment adviser.

ICAI Updates:-

The Council, at its 359th meeting, held on September 16-17, 2016, has decided to withdraw the Guidance Notes on Availability of Revaluation Reserve for Issue of Bonus Shares[GN(A) 9 (Issued 1994)] and Guidance Notes on Accounting for Fringe Benefits Tax[GN(A) 20 (Issued 2005)] dated on 07/10/2016.

Application Guide on the Provisions of Schedule II to the Companies Act, 2013 is no longer effective as the Guidance Note on Accounting for Depreciation in Companies in the context of Schedule II to the Companies Act, 2013 has been issued.


SEBI proposed a Consultative Paper titled ‘Corporate Governance Issues in Compensation Agreements’ to review the disclosure requirements under SEBI (LODR) Regulations, 2015.

ED: 10 OCT 2016 is the Last date for filing of Excise return in form ER-1 for the m/o SEP’ 2016.

GST update:

Under GST Reverse charge provisions will be applicable in case of both goods & services in case of specified supplies and assessees.

Under GST In case of advance payment received from purchaser, pay tax proportionately and not on total amount of supplies to be made.

Under GST registration certificate issued to casual or non-resident dealer is valid for 90 days. Extension by another 90 days, on request.

 Key Dates:

ER-1 return for non ssi assessee for the month of September-10/10/2016

ER-2 return for EOUs for month of September-10/10/2016

Submission of ER-3 return by SSi unit for September quarter-10/10/2016

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