Important Updates on the reduction compliance obligation under Atmanirbhar Scheme:

Important Relevant updates on the reduction of compliance obligation under Atmanirbhar Scheme:

Covid-19 related debts shall be excluded from 'default' under IBC ...


1. MGNREGA Scheme 

Total budget was Rs 61,000 crores

• The extra Rs 40,000 crores allotted


• Setting up the public system

• Block all districts to avoid infectious diseases

• Public health laboratories to be set up at block level in all districts;

3. EDUCATION-driven technology

• PM e-Vidya multi-mode control system

• One-nation interactive school under DIKSHA for school education

• One-year Television channel for each class;

• Extensive use of radios

• Special e-content for children of Divyang

 Top 100 universities must ultimately be allowed to start online courses by 30 May 2020.

 4.  Significant support to distressed firms: Fresh IBC has been suspended for one year. As per the declaration of FM.

A.    IBC related – debts related to COVID 19 are out of IBC default

B.    No further insolvency lawsuits can be launched for up to a year. i.e No fresh insolvency case will be initiated for up to a year

C.   Minimum limit of IBC would be Rs. 1 Cr. i.e Total insolvency requirement lifted from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1 crore

D.   Decriminalised all the sections. Few Non Compoundable offenses would become compoundable offenses.

E.    Compounding by ROC

F.    Direct listing in foreign destinations

G.   NCD listing would not be treated as listed companies for the purpose of Companiesct

H.   Covid-related loans should be exempt from default under IBC

I.      For MSMEs, a special insolvency framework will be notified

Fresh IBC proceedings suspended for a year; debts related to Covid ...

 5. State seeks to decriminalize losses under the Companies Act

• Bulk of compound crimes parts to be transferred to the Internal Adjudication System (IAM) and improved RD forces for compounding.

• 7 compounding crimes dropped entirely and 5 to be dealt with in an alternate system.

 6. Simplify of doing business for companies

• Clear listing of shares by Indian listed corporations within international jurisdiction. Pvt firms that issue non-convertible bonds (NCDs) on stock exchanges not to be considered as public entities.

All industries are now open to private parties

7. Fresh Public Sector Business Strategy

• The Pvt sector will be able to invest in all markets, while public sector companies will continue to play a significant role.

• a new policy that will categorize strategic sectors and others.

• The list of strategic sectors requiring the presence of PSEs in the public interest shall be notified.

A list of strategic sectors needing the participation of PSEs in the public interest will be identified.

• There will be at least one PSE in these strategic sectors, but the pvt sector will also be authorized.

• The PSEs should be privatized in other industries.

• To reduce unnecessary operating expenses, the number of firms in key markets will usually be just three or four, while others will be privatized / mixed / brought under holding companies.

 8. Policy management and services

• The Center has agreed to raise the State Borowing Limit from 3% to 5% for FY21. This will provide extra Rs 4.28 lakh crore capital to states.

A.   Part of the loan would be related to specific reforms. The relation between the reforms will be in four areas:

1. One Nation One Ration Card,

2. Ease of Doing Business,

3. Power distribution,

4. Urban local body revenues.

 B.   The Department of Spending should be told of a particular scheme

• Unconditional 0.50 percent rise

• 1% in 4 tranches of 0.25% for each tranche linked to specifically specified, tangible and feasible policy actions;

• 0.5 per cent of targets was reached in at least three of the four improvement regions.

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