GST EVASION: DGGI took action against 3 Firm for tax evasion of Rs 600 Crore

GST-EVASION: DGGI took action against 3 companies for tax evasion of more than Rs 600 Crore;GST Evasion; GST Evasion

Three persons arrested on charges of tax evasion of Rs 600 Crore, i.e. for the issuance of fraudulent invoices without the actual supply of Rs 4,198 crores, and illegally transferred as ITC credit to different entities under the GST Act.

There was an argument against M/s. Reema Polychem Pvt. Ltd., M/s. Fortune Graphics Limited, & M/s. Ganpati Enterprises, which were found to be engaged in the issuance of invoices without any real supply of goods.

The case was identified and established by the officers on further data analytics from the case filed against one of the exporters, M / s Anannya Exim, which was protected by the entire India Joint Operation launched by DGGI-DRI in September 2019, against various exporters for fraudulently demanding IGST refunds on the basis of ineligible ITC.;GST Evasion; GST Evasion

In the course of the investigations conducted by DGGI Hqrs, it emerged that the three companies referred to above, namely M/s. Reema Polychem Pvt. Ltd. respectively. Ganpati Enterprises released invoices worth more than Rs. 4,100 Crore, with a tax sum of more than Rs. 600 Crore being transferred fraudulently as ITC credit to various entities.

The foregoing companies/firms shall be interested in the issuing of bills without any real supply of products. This case was found and established by officers on further review of the case filed against one of the exporters, namely M / s Anannya Exim, which was protected by DGGI-DRI’s entire operation in India on 11.09.2019, against different exporters for fraudulently demanded IGST refund on the basis of invalid ITC.

In this regard, three parties have been detained for committing offenses under the GST Act. The directors/owners of M/s. Reema Polychem Pvt. Ltd. is two of them who have been on the run and have constantly avoided presence at DGGI Offices.

The third man is the director of M/s AB Players Exports Pvt Ltd and the manager of various other export firms/companies which have received IGST refunds on the basis of counterfeit invoices provided by these companies.

All three were detained by DGGI (Hqrs.) for committing offenses, pursuant to Sections 132(1)(b) and 132(1)(c) of the CGST Act, 2017, and ordered to be held under judicial custody by the Magistrate.; Prosecution in GST; Prosecution in GST

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