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Service Tax Registration


Service tax is an indirect tax levied on the services provided by a service provider in India. Service tax is paid by the end consumer of the service and the service provider is responsible for collection of remittance from the recipient of the taxable service.

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At present, Service Tax is levied at 14 % on the value of the taxable service. Service tax registration is mandatory for every person or business in India that has provided a taxable service of value exceeding Rs.9 lakhs, in the previous financial year. Rajput Jain & Associates help you in ServiceTax registration services.



  • PAN card of Applicant.
  • Address Proof of Applicant (Voter ID, Passport, Driving License, Aadhar).
  • Bank Account authentication Details (Cancelled Cheque).
  • Registered Office Address Proof:-
  • If Rented: Rent Agreement.
  • If Owned: Ownership proof.
  • Utility Bill like electricity bill, property documents supporting the registered address proof If Electricity bill is not in your name - you can attach No Objection Certificate.
  • Rubber Stamp

  • Pan of Company / Firm,
  • MOA/AOA of Company / Partnership Deed of Firm,
  • Board Resolution Authorizing Director to apply for Service tax registration,
  • PAN of all directors / Partners,
  • Address Proof of all directors / Partners (Voter ID, Passport, Driving License, Aadhar),
  • Bank Account authentication Details (Cancelled Cheque),
  • Registered Office Address Proof:-
  • If Rented: Rent Agreement.
  • If Owned: Ownership proof.
  • Utility Bill like electricity bill, property documents supporting the registered address proof If Electricity bill is not in your name - you can attach No Objection Certificate.
  • Rubber Stamp of Firm / Company.
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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Generally, it takes 5 to 7 days to get the Service tax registration. However, if registration is not granted within 7 days, the assessee is automatically registered as per government regulations


Uniform rate of 12.36%

Service receiver also liable

Due dates for Tax Payments

Net Payments of Taxes

Generally 12.36% is applicable to the service providers, however specific exemptions and abatements may be granted to some categories of tax payers

In certain cases, Service receiver is also liable to pay service tax and is required to take the service tax registration

Service tax is to be paid quarterly in case of Proprietorship or partnerships/LLP firms and monthly in case of companies, trust, societies etc.

Service tax is paid after adjusting the service tax paid by you on your vendor bills. Whatever service tax you have paid on the purchases or vendor bill, is actually known as cenvat credit

Any Service Provider providing services in India whose gross Turnover from Services exceeds 9 Lakh Rupees during the in a financial year.


  • Applying for Service tax registration in by Submit online Form ST-1
  • The duly attested hardcopy of documents along with ST-1 is submitted to the department within 15 days.
  • The department issues the Registration order in form of ST-2, within 2 Days of Application in Delhi Noida Gurgaon and Faridabad

A person, who fails to take registration within the time stipulated shall be liable to pay penalty which may extend to Rs. 5,000/- or Rs. 200/- per day after the due date, whichever is higher. The provisions says, a person fails to “take” registration, whereas it should have been fail to “apply” registration, as some time the Department take it own time to grant the registration as recognized by the Board in its instruction Dy. No.294/Com(ST)/2007 dated 03.09.2007.

All the compliance under the Excise law are mention below.



  • Form-IV register of receipt and issue of raw material
  • CENVAT Stock Account – Inputs
  • CENVAT Stock Account – Capital Goods
  • Service Receipt and Usage Report/Register
  • Fright (Inward & outward) Payment Report
  • Requisition Slip / Issue Slip
  • Packing Slip (Production Slip)
  • Daily Stock Account of Finished Goods
  • Personal Ledger Account
  • CENVAT Credit Account – Inputs
  • CENVAT Credit Account – Capital Goods
  • CENVAT Credit Account – Input Services
  • GAR-7 Challans
  • Input movement register – Rule 4(5)(a)/Notification No.214/86
  • Capital Goods movement register – Rule 4(5)(a)
  • Challans for movement of goods under Rule 4(5)(a)/Notification No.214/86.
  • Record of inputs sent for job work outside the factory under Rule 57F(4);
  • Record of inputs received in the factory for job work;
  • Challan book under Rule 57F(4) for sending inputs or partially processed inputs for job work;
  • Challan book for sending capital goods for tests, repairs etc. under Rule 57S.
  • Proforma for records of Receipts of Duty-Paid Goods and Issue Thereof (RG-23D)
  • Production, Clearance & Duty Paid Report
  • Capital Goods Duty Balance Credit Report
  • Check the physical stock of finished goods lying at warehouse on regular basis with the books as recorded in the Daily
  • Stock Account and report the discrepancies, if any and the stock variations.
  • Inward and outward movement of goods with all required formalities.
  • Input / output ratio and record, observation and preparation of monthly wastage (normal/abnormal) report.

Revenue Statement

  • E-filling/e-payment of central excise duty.
  • Weekly return
  • Return in for ER-1
  • Return in form ER-2Return in form ER-3
  • Return in form ER-4
  • Return in form ER-5
  • Return in form ER-6
  • Return in form ER-7


  • Exports Clearance under Advance Authorization
  • Exports Clearance under DEPB
  • Exports Clearance under Duty Free Import Authorization
  • Exports Clearance under Duty Drawback
  • Export Clearance under EPCG Scheme
  • Execution of Bond/Bank Guarantee for export of goods for both manufacturer and merchant exporter.
  • Execution of Letter of Undertaking.
  • B-1 Bond Register
  • Export against Form CT-1