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Rajput Jain & Associates offers the quickest and easiest Income Tax Return e-Filing solution for Indian individuals. To file your ITR using Rajput Jain & Associates, just upload your Form-16 and our expert team of chartered accountants takes care of the rest.

Hassle Free Tax Filing

for Salary & Other individuals

Rajput Jain & Associates offers the following Two Income Tax Return filing packages for Salary individuals:

  • Salary e-File plus

  • Who’s it for?
  • Are you a salaried employee willing to e-file your tax returns on your own? Then our Salary e-File plus plan is just for you. All tax returns under plus package are Verified, which means that, prior to e-filing, the ITR data is matched with the transactions of your PAN in the ITD database.
  • With Salary e-File plus you can file your verified ITR1 or ITR2 within 10 minutes through authorized e-return intermediary.
  • Package offerings
  • Self-preparing and e-filing income tax returns (including e-File by email or e-File by payroll portal).
  • Verification of ITR data with the Form 26AS data in the Income Tax Department's database.
  • Preparing income tax returns with the help of a tax professional.
  • Review of ITR by the assigned tax professional.
  • Posting the review by the tax professional, (In this process, a checklist will be emailed to you along with your Draft ITR. Once you confirm this over an email, your return will be e-filed).
  • Tracking of ITR-V status.
  • Sending reminder notifications via email.
  • Depositing signed ITR-V to CPC (if drop-box facility is availed by your employer).
  • Document Required
  • Apart from the basic details required for preparation of return (viz. name, address, father’s name, PAN, Ward, bank details for refund), other documents required are: -
  • Copy of Form 16 for salary income earned in India;
  • Details of other income in India;
  • Details of tax deducted at source in India (with copies of TDS certificates) other than salary;
  • Month-wise details of income outside India with supporting documents;
  • Details of tax deducted at source outside India, if any;
  • Copy of tax return filed in the foreign country, if any;
  • Detail of Living Allowance and Indian salary in foreign currency if the Indian salary was received in foreign currency;
  • Whether employed in Indian company and sent abroad for project, and paid by Indian company in foreign;
  • Residential status (i.e. No. of days you have stayed in India in the previous years)
  • Salary e-File Premium

  • Who’s it for?
  • Salary e-File plus (assisted) is for those salaried employees, who are not just interested in self-preparing and e-filing of tax returns, but who would also like the assistance of a tax professional to enter their data and review it for them. If a mismatch is detected during the verification of ITR data with the Form 26AS data, our tax professional will assist you in correcting the mismatch.
  • Package offerings
  • A full feature online application for self-preparation of ITR (ITR1 and ITR2) and e-Filing of ITR
  • Verification of ITR data with the Form 26AS data in the Income Tax Department's database
  • Facility to track the ITR-V* status
  • Reminder notifications through email
  • Service to deposit your signed ITR-V with the CPC. (Only applicable for users whose employer has opted for the drop-box facility).
  • Foreign Income solution
  • Services for overseas Indians - NRIs, Residents with foreign income, Expatriates, Foreign citizens
  • The Rajput Jain & Associates promise
  • Your draft ITR would be created within 48 hours of receipt of your documents.
  • Your ITR will be e-Filed within 30 minutes of your clicking ‘e-File My Return’ Button.
  • Your ITR-V will be uploaded in your user account within 60 minutes of your clicking ‘e-File My Return’ Button.
  • Your signed ITR-V will be deposited to CPC within 2 days of drop-box clearance (Only applicable for users whose employer has opted for the drop-box facility).
  • All your support queries will be responded within 24 hrs.

How does it work?

  • Rajput Jain & Associates Salary e-File plus is best suited for individuals having only Salary income.Salary e-File plus is a starter plan for employees who are interested in self-preparing and e-filing verified tax returns. Verification of ITR with the I-T department database is important because all the transactions in the ITD database are under the lens of scrutiny by them. Any mismatch will surely lead to a notice from the department.
  • Rajput Jain & Associates Salary e-File Premium is best suited for individuals having income from multiple employers, income from House Property and income from other sources (Dividend, Bank Interest, Clubbing of income etc.).

Compare Packages

Rajput Jain & Associates offers the following three Income Tax Return efiling packages for Salary individuals:

We double check salary income tax return to make sure it is done right and you get your maximum tax refund

rajput jain and associates
How Rajput Jain & Associates Process Investor Return Filling

Rajput Jain & Associates has been designed keeping in mind the hassles an individual usually has to go through while filing salary Income Tax Returns every year. At Rajput Jain & Associates we prepare your Income Tax Returns manually as well as through online software, which guarantees us 100% accuracy. To file an ITR through Rajput Jain & Associates, NO accounting knowledge or financial background is required. An individual is only required to provide us his/her personal details and send required information for prepare ITR. The rest is taken care by our team of expert chartered accountants who prepare the Tax Returns and then file it with the Income Tax Department. Once prepared each ITR is verified twice by our most senior chartered accountants to eliminate human errors if any. Finally the tax return is electronically filed with the Income Tax Department and an Acknowledgement is e-mailed back to the user.

What Are You Waiting For?


31st July 2015 was the last date to file your Tax ReturnDo not worries if you have missed the deadline, you can still file your income tax return up to 31st March 2016 without penalty

  • Copy of your PAN Card.
  • Form 16 - received from your employer.
  • Form 16A - for any Income other than salary (if available).
  • Bank Interest (Interest uptoRs 10,000 from saving bank is exempt from tax u/s 80TTA).
  • Bank Statement (Only for Business Enterprenours).
  • We will check your form 26AS and check if any TDS is reflecting or not.
  • We will advise you on Income tax Refund or payable Amount.
  • We will guide you about the best possibilities to take Income Tax exemptions and Save Taxes.
  • We will file your Income tax Return and mail you the acknowledgement.

When you e-File without using a Digital Signature, you receive ITR-V as an attachment in the e-mail sent by the Income Tax Department. Since the return you filed was not signed, your filing is still incomplete. To complete the return filing process, follow the below mentioned steps -

  • Print and sign ITR-V.
  • Do not fold this signed ITR-V. Enclose the same in A-4 size envelope.
  • Mail the envelope within 120 days of e-Filing to
  • Upon receipt of ITR-V, Income Tax Department will send an e-mail acknowledging the receipt of signed copy of ITR-V. This is your acknowledgement.
  • Your filing is now complete.
  • Yes, you should mail your ITR-V within 120 days of e-Filing your return.

Further, in case you have still missed to file your Income Tax Return by 31st March, 2016, you can still file the same till 31st March 2016, beyond which the return will become time barred and you would not be able to file the same. Assessing Officer may require you to pay penalty up to Rs.10,000 for late filing of Income Tax Return.

If you discover any omission or any wrong statement in the return filed within due date of filing, you may file a revised return at any time before 31-03-2016 or before the completion of the assessment, whichever is earlier.

Rajput Jain & Associate’s Customer Support team will be happy to help resolve all your doubts and queries.