Impact Of GST On Real Estate Industry

RJA 22 Dec, 2016

The indirect taxes which are received from the Real Estate Sector are to be soon combined together under the GST regime. There are several reasons as to why the Real estate Sector is to be made a part of the tax base for the GST rates. They are as follows: 1: ...

GST Impact On Tourism Industry

RJA 21 Dec, 2016

Initially, the impact of GST is sure to affect the hospitality industry, which is an important part of the tourism industry. However, it may prove to be beneficial for the industry in the long run. The benefits are expected to seek under GST regime, R&D cess to be ...

Impact of GST on the Power Sector

RJA 20 Dec, 2016

India staged a decision to implement GST (unified Good and Services Tax), which was proposed almost 30 years ago, after obtaining nod from both the upper and lower houses.  The uniform tax is helpful for the tax payers across the nation. The new tax law considering including Countervailing duty, VAT, ...

GST Impact on manufacturing sector

RJA 19 Dec, 2016

Countries which are developing are economically sustained in a major way by the manufacturing sector of the particular country. But though all other developing economies have a surging progression in terms of the manufacturing sector, India is a way behind. The topographical and the demographical position of India are promising ...

GST Impact on Logistics Industry

RJA 18 Dec, 2016

As soon as the Goods and Services Tax bill was given a green signal by the parliament, there was a moment of ecstasy for the Indian businesses. The introduction of the GST was to ensure that a uniform tax structure in the country prevails by eliminating the multiple layer taxation ...

GST Impact On Automobile Sector

RJA 17 Dec, 2016

There is a complex system of tax existing in our country due to the multiplicity of taxes, elaborate compliance obligations and cascading of tax. There exist a lot of complex structures in the automobile industry. It might be the longer investment cycle, development of vendors/ part makers, substantially outsourced processes, ...

GST Impact on Energy Sector

RJA 16 Dec, 2016

If the economy needs to grow then one of its main drivers is the energy sector which, however, is currently affected by policy paralysis and regulatory hurdles. The biggest issue of indirect taxes that eat into the profits in this sector has sadly continued into the Goods and Services Tax (...

GST Impact On E-Commerce Sector

RJA 15 Dec, 2016

The most important and painful point of the e-commerce industries is the provision relating to taxes collection at the source. The e-commerce in India is hindered with the host of taxes such as the VAT, CST, and service tax, TDS with one or more taxes applicable for the single transaction. ...

Impact of GST on Importers and Exporters

RJA 12 Dec, 2016

The implementation of the General Sales tax bill has been delayed by our Finance Minister. Due to this, there is a constant amount of anxiety that is prevailing among the people running the export-import business in India. With the help of this article we can get a clear picture of ...

Requirements for Company Registration

RJA 24 Oct, 2016

Registering a Company in India was a cumbersome process that took quite long during the yester years. Today, thanks to the efforts taken by the Ministry of Commerce, the INC-29 Form and Digital Signature system introduced has made Company Registration an easy process. The process has become such an easy ...

Guide to Company Registration

RJA 22 Oct, 2016

Company Registration in India has a process to be followed. One who wants to register a Company needs to understand the different terminologies used during the process. With the expansion of commercial world all over India, guidance pertaining to Company Registration is required for many new entrepreneurs. We intend to ...

Review of New Company Approval Process

RJA 22 Oct, 2016

Becoming an entrepreneur has many processes to follow. Mere knowledge on the subject matter and expertise in the same does not suffice the statutory and legal requirements to start a new company. Different aspects are reviewed when one wants to open a new Company. Let us have a look at ...

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