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Direct Tax:-

High Court in the below citied case held that Statement of 22-year-old partner should be considered in search if he is actively involved in business of firm.( Classy the Antique Disigned Furniture v. Deputy Commissioner of Income-tax, Central Circle-2, Kozhikade.)

Bombay High Court in the below citied case held that Income Escaping Reassessment will be void Void if Reasons are not supplied to the assessee- (CIT (Large Tax Payer Unit), Mumbai IDBI Ltd.)

IT: TDS u/s 192 or 194J – merely because doctors are subject to the payment of PF or other retirement benefit TDS u/s 194J is not deductible – Sir Hurkisondas Nurrotumdas Hospital & Research Centre Vs DCIT (TDS)-3 (2), Mumbai (2016 (10) TMI 432 – ITAT Mumbai)

IT: No TDS liability u/s 194-I on lump sum lease premium or one-time upfront lease charges which are not adjustable against periodic rent paid or payable for acquisition of long-term leasehold rights over land – CBDT Circular No. 35 of 2016, dt.13 OCT 2016.

CBDT restricts acceptance of contributions by electoral trust by amending Rule 17C to provide that   (a)  from an individual who is not a citizen of India (b) from any electoral trust registered u/s 25 of the Co Act.

Indirect Tax:-

CESTAT denies CENVAT Credit on capital goods received in FY when final product (asbestos cement sheet) was chargeable to Nil rate of excise duty; Notes that assessee claimed credit i.r.o. capital goods and services upon obtaining Central Excise Registration consequent to final product becoming exigible to 18% duty. [TS-409-CESTAT-2016-EXC]

The government has doubled the limit of excise duty evasion for arrest and prosecution of accused to Rs 2 crore and also asked officials not to resort to penal provision in cases of technical nature.

ST: Levy of service tax – security services – sovereign functions – After choosing one particular remedy the plaintiff cannot avail the other remedy as well in respect of the same relief founded on same cause of action – State of Rajasthan Vs Union of India & Others (2016 (10) TMI 462 – Supreme Court)

Indirect Tax collections up to September, 2016 show an increase of 25.9% over the net Indirect Tax collections for the corresponding period last year(2015-16)

Bombay HC grants interest on delayed CENVAT Credit refunds u/s 11BB of Central Excise Act; Notes that original refund application was initially rejected by Revenue on merits and not on basis of incomplete application. [TS-410-HC-2016(BOM)-EXC]

GST Updates:

GST: Portal of GST Registration would be open for the existing taxpayer from Nov’ 2016 – GSTN Chairman

GST law to be passed in winter session of parliament commencing from 16 Nov 16 and ending on 16 Dec 16.

Under GST amount paid by assessee is used first for self assessment tax and interest of earlier periods, then current period & then other amounts e.g. demand.

Under GST normal & compounding taxpayer to file annual return. Not to be filed by casual / Non-resident taxpayers, ISDs & persons liable to deduct TDS.

MCA Updates:

The e-Form INC-29 (Integrated Incorporation Form) will no longer be available on the Ministry’s portal and stakeholders will not be able to file any previously downloaded versions from 1st November, 2016. The e-Form INC-29 (Integrated Incorporation Form) will be withdrawn w.e.f. 1st November, 2016.

Only Forms INC-32 i.e. SPICE (Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Company electronically), INC-2 (One Person Company), or INC-7 (Incorporation of Company) are applicable for incorporation of Company.

MCA has notified that e-Form INC-29 (Integrated Incorporation Form) will be withdrawn w.e.f. 1 .11. 2016.

MCA revised Forms 23AC XBRL,23ACA XBRL & AOC-4 XBRL,w.e.f. 5.10.16,& Forms MGT-15, FC-3, INC-4, MGT-14, 23C,23D,A-XBRL,I-XBRL w.e.f. 8.10.16.

SEBI Update :

SEBI in it’s circular stated that exclusively listed co (ELCs) will be required either raise capital for listing or exit from the dissemination board.

The special investigation team (SIT) on black money has asked the SEBI to furnish the details of P-Note data for black money investigation.


Bank of Baroda, invites proposal (RFPs) for appointment of concurrent auditors for branches for south Gujarat zone (Baroda) Last Date : 07.11.2016.

Ministry of labour and employment invites comments on increasing limit for ESI coverage from INR 15,000 to INR 21,000.

ICAI request members to improve annual ROC filing compliance to promote high standard of integrity and professionalism it is an essential part of the professional duty of the Chartered Accountants.

Key Dates:

Payment of DVAT TDS for the month of September-15/10/2016

Form 27EQ (TCS return) by all deductor-15/10/2016

Issue of TDS Certificate in case of payment/credit made in the month of august for purchase of property u/s 194IA-15/10/2016

Statement by bank in Form no. 15CC in respect of foreign remmitence during the quarter-15/10/2016

E-Payment of PF for the month of September-15/10/2016

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  • Income Tax: Wherever under the DTAA’s. Make available clause is found, then as there is no imparting, the payment in question is not ‘FTS’ under the Treaty and when there is no ‘FTS’ clause in the treaties, the payment falls under Article 7 of the Treaty and is business income. – Tri
  • Income tax ; TDS u/s 192 or 194J : The difference between this clause in two types of agreements itself goes to prove that doctors who are engaged on retainer ship basis are not the servants of the assessee since they are allowed to do whatever they want except joining the similar business while other doctors who are on the pay roll of the assessee are debarred from doing any other activity apart from that of the assessee- (The A.C.I.T. (TDS) , Chandigarh Versus M/s Fortis Healthcare Ltd. – 2016 (3) TMI 629 – ITAT CHANDIGARH)

INDIRECT TAX               

  • Service Tax: Exemption from service tax on construction service provided in case of religious use but not to charitable purpose – clause 13(c) of Notification No. 25/2012-ST, dated 20.6.2012 – in the absence of petitioner’s demonstration that  enactment/provision /notification  is arbitrary, discriminatory or violative of Article 14 of the Constitution of India, it cannot be declared to be un constitutional. – HC
  • Service Tax: The appellants are eligible for refund under Rule 5 of CCR read with Notfn No.12/2003 as amended on the input services i.e. Company Secretary Service, Chartered Accountant service , Security service, Legal Consultancy service, ITS service, GTA service – Tri
  • Service Tax: When the assesse is not disputing his liability for discharging the statutory obligations and has paid the entire tax alongwith the interest and 25% of the penalty and there after discharging his obligations as a tax payer, in view of the provisions of Section 73(4A) the proceeding should be deemed to have been concluded – Tri
  • Service Tax: Imposition of penalties for the period 2007-08 to 2010-11 – Sections 76 & 78 of the Finance Act, 1994 – if the show cause notices are issued after the date of amendment, penalties under Section 76 and 78 simultaneously cannot be imposed and hence setting aside the penalty under Section 76 is uninterferable – Tri
  • Service Tax: Liability of tax on extended warranty service between October 2005 and September 2010 – Mere coverage by the extended warranty scheme does not, of itself, create an intention to use the service of the dealer. – Tri
  • Central Excise: Valuation of goods sold through dealers – inclusion of the expenditure incurred by the wholesale dealers in the assessable value of the goods sold by the appellant to such wholesale dealers – Not to be included – Tri
  • Central Excise: Eligibility of quantity discount – as cash discount is something which is “known” at or prior to the clearance of the goods, being contained in the agreement of sale between the assessee and its buyers, and must therefore be deducted from the sale price in order to arrive at the value of excisable goods “at the time of removal”. – Tri
  • VAT and Sales Tax: Principles of natural justice – it was the assessee, who invited the attention of the Tribunal to the balance sheet – the Tribunal is entitled to come to its own conclusion from what was produced. It is not part of the principles of natural justice to expect the Tribunal to confront the person producing the document with what is found by the Tribunal – HC


  • Companies Law: If contract expressly bars award of interest pendente lite, the same cannot be awarded by the Arbitrator. – the bar to award interest on delayed payment by itself will not be readily inferred as express bar to award interest pendente lite by the Arbitral Tribunal, as ouster of power of Arbitrator has to be considered on various relevant aspects – SC

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